Dexterity’s 2v2 Brawl

Icy Veins is perfect for finding out about news, hero guides, hero talents, heros synergies & weaknesses for Heroes of the Storm!

There is $120 in total but $60 for each region.

New player? Experienced player? This 2v2 event is perfect for you! Get ready to branch out your hero selection & expand your gameplay knowledge.

  • When in game, you will have a random selection of three heroes to choose from after joining a game,
  • You will play at least three matches then the top 12 teams go into playoffs (bracket can be seen below),
  • After your match, report your score to #report-scores,
  • In order to win the match you either have to destroy their fort or kill the enemy teams members a total of 4 times


note: it’s BRAXIS OUTPOST, the one lane version of BRAXIS HOLDOUT

You only need to upload the replay if you had any issues in the game.

Dexterity > HOTS 1v1 🏆 > EU

You will then have to invite the player that you’re facing
Please upload any replays to #upload-replays to report any issues within a match.