Since we’re new around here, we can always use the extra help!


If you’re looking to learn about e-sports, business, photoshop or streaming in a less serious position or just looking to help out, this role is perfect for you!

Helpers take on a wide range of roles which are tailored towards what the individual wants to focus on. Those interested in streaming will help out with setting up, moderating and managing our twitch streams. Whereas those Helpers who are interested in e-sports will help us create brackets, manage players and set up in new games.

Even though this is a less serious role, you will be expected to help out where possible, even through the boring bits!

Tournament Host:

These are individuals who aren’t afraid to get involved in all aspects of running a tournament. As Dexterity continues to expand, we need a strong backbone of tournament hosts to support us as we grow.

Tournament hosts will be expected to run tournaments for a game or several games of their choosing under the Dexterity name. You as a tournament host have complete control over how you manage your tournament and will not only receive prizepools funded by Dexterity but will be supported when ever you need it.

This role is not to be taken lightly, it will require a lot of work but hopefully we can make the whole process of running a tournament a lot easier for you.

Dexterity’s 2v2 Brawl

Icy Veins is perfect for finding out about news, hero guides, hero talents, heros synergies & weaknesses for Heroes of the Storm!

There is $120 in total but $60 for each region.

New player? Experienced player? This 2v2 event is perfect for you! Get ready to branch out your hero selection & expand your gameplay knowledge.

  • When in game, you will have a random selection of three heroes to choose from after joining a game,
  • You will play at least three matches then the top 12 teams go into playoffs (bracket can be seen below),
  • After your match, report your score to #report-scores,
  • In order to win the match you either have to destroy their fort or kill the enemy teams members a total of 4 times


note: it’s BRAXIS OUTPOST, the one lane version of BRAXIS HOLDOUT

You only need to upload the replay if you had any issues in the game.

Dexterity > HOTS 1v1 🏆 > EU

You will then have to invite the player that you’re facing
Please upload any replays to #upload-replays to report any issues within a match.