In Conversation With Nadine Riopel ...

January 13th 2016, 8:00-10:30am

Join us in a conversation with Nadine Riopel of The PurposeFuel Program: Making "Purpose" Work for You

More than ever before, an organization's social license to operate is a powerful tool. Internally, it offers a path to more engaged, productive, loyal people. Externally, it serves as an incredibly effective element in branding and client relations.

How do we define and embrace that social license to operate? What is each organization's value and purpose in the bigger picture? Once we have named it, how do we leverage that higher purpose to drive bottom line results, core sustainability, and positive impact on the world around us?

Join us to learn more about these ideas, and engage in a conversation about how you can put them to work for you.

Cost: $60.00

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In Conversation With Nadine Riopel

Meet Nadine Riopel

Nadine Riopel is a facilitator and community organizer. With a professional background in both the private and social sectors, she helps organizations become more efficient, effective, and sustainable through a greater connection between their people and to their higher purpose.

She is the creator of PurposeFuel: a program that helps organizations achieve greater results through connection and purpose. She is also the author of The Savvy Do Gooder: Giving That Makes a Difference: a short guide to effective giving, and co-founder of The Good 100 Experiment.

Nadine lives very happily in a heritage (read:old!) home in central Edmonton, Alberta with her young son and husband. In her spare time she enjoys rescuing fruit and making rugs out of old sheets.

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Dexterity Ventures Inc. Office (#109, 5760 9th St S.E., Calgary AB)
8:00 AM to 10:30

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